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glass. The chamber was placed on the object table of a Leitz
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excepting the appearance now and then of small blebs. The intense itching
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logical data regarding the motor functions of the brain. The facts which
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conjunctiva is then brought in juxtaposition by three sutures. The double
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second period the case is very serious at least until a copious
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Gangrenous Abscess OF THE Lung Puncture Drainage Eecovery.
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the most approved treatment there Avas ulceration of both cornea
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covering the whole field of human anatomy. Of these plates both as
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Zustand der trotzdeni von niemandem als plwsiologiscb auf
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the under lip nose and tongue is also almost constant. Enlargement of the
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ology. A work setting forth in some fulness the actual amount of
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the case of a man who showed great aptitude for the task whon
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vessels anastomose freely with each other but also with those of the
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done for the man for the last sixteen months but to administer regularly
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of life in the trenches which hitherto produced no ill effects are
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