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proved with ordinary minds a barrier to all further investiga

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although the text books on pathology seem to be silent on this point.

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be a usual occurrence in diabetes which led to the last named

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While I write these lines. I have charge of two patients severely

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In the concluding chapter on Coccygodynia some allusion might

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since there are already so many excellent and scientific treatises on the

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Amoebic dysentery first appeared in France in September 1915

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with bnckskin I passed my improvised electrode upon the sigmoid

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antitetanic serum were injected subcutaneously. The same

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not quite the same. By admixture of isotonic ammonium sulphate

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characteristic of Addison s disease have been present but instead

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Ce typQ se rencontre dans la pneumonic et la rheumatisme

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as pysemic in nature all these factors have to be regarded as unnecessary

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about half an hour twenty five minutes are allowed to elapse

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