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Saç ekimi uzmanı Dr. Ekrem Civaş

Civas Hair, Laser & Plastic Surgery Clinic works on hair transplantation with plastic surgery, aesthetic and dermatolocik technologies that needs speciality..


7. ICOS Uluslararası Cosmetic Sempozyumu 20-22 Haziran 2007 İstanbul Dr. Ekrem Civaş Sempozyuma konuşmacı olarak katılmıştır (Saç Naklinin Temel İlkeleri)

 The advantage of this hair transplant technique over the original two-step process is that using a dull punch minimizes follicle transection (damage). As the blunt-tipped punch is advanced into the dermis, the follicles, which naturally separate deeper in the skin, are "gathered together" within the opening....

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7. ICOS Uluslararası Cosmetic Sempozyumu 20-22 Haziran 2007 İstanbul Dr. Ekrem Civaş Sempozyuma konuşmacı olarak katılmıştır (Saç Naklinin Temel İlkeleri)











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The hair restoration techniques of Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction are performed at Bernstein Medical in our office facilities under local anesthesia. Hair transplant sessions that involve the movement of thousands of tiny follicular unit grafts may take a whole day, but the time goes by quickly as patients rest comfortably during the procedure; either watching TV, taking a nap, or chatting with the staff.

 The perception that people may have of a hair transplant, where patients leave the office with their heads wrapped in bandages and have significant bleeding and pain, is from the older, plug techniques. In modern follicular unit hair transplantation, patients leave the office with only a hat and headband and are able to shower and shampoo their hair the day after hair restoration surgery. After the procedure there is only some discomfort that is treated with oral medications, and there is literally no bleeding.

In Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) a thin strip of hair is taken from the back and/or sides of the scalp and the area where the strip was taken from is sewn closed. The hair from above the incision covers the area so that it is not visible. The donor strip is placed under a series of special dissecting microscopes where the individual follicular units, of one to four hairs, are carefully dissected into tiny grafts. These grafts are stored in a special holding solution and refrigerated while awaiting placement in the bald or thinning scalp (the recipient area). Meticulous stereo-microscopic dissection is a crucial part of the hair transplantation procedure, if one is to get full yield from the donor hair.

History of Hair Translation

First hair transplant was performed a japanese dermatologist Dr. Okuda in 1940. Unfortunately, Dr.Okuda died in second world war and the scientific publications could be discovered after so many years.

Saç ekiminin tarihi, saç ekme, saç ekimi, sac ekimi

In 1970, an american dermatologist Dr. Orentreich published the rules of hair transplant and in 1998 an american dermatologist Dr.Berstein published his scientific article about the fact that it is possible to have natural looking head of hairs with transplant of follicular units.

Since 2002, FUE method in which hairs are taken one by one has been depicted and in 2005, appropriate candidates for this method were explained.

This website you are looking over is Dr. Ekrem Civaş' private website and it is tried to be setup including hair loss and medical treatments for hair loss which is completely founded on scientific articles. As you know, Hygiology refreshes itself in time. Dr. Civas follows the clinic works about hair transplant and attends meetings of hair surgeon in overseas. He shares these with visitors who want to learn about hair surgeon and hair loss. When you finish looking over this website, you have a knowledge about the causes of hair loss in men and women, and their classifications, and appropriate treatments for their problems, and also the right way can only be determined by specialist.



Saç ekimi toplantılar, konuşmacı Dr Ekrem Civaş, sac ekimi 

In either procedure, the hair transplant is visible for about a week. Some patients cover the area with their existing hair and others choose to wear a hat when they are in public. Patients can resume normal daily activities the second day following their hair restoration surgery, although there are some restrictions on strenuous exercise, smoking and drinking. New hair growth starts to appear in 2 to 3 months and is generally complete in 10 to 12 months.




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