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revivifying the practical points in medicine but Ave think it is about

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wounded on September 25th by a piece of shell which entered

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rules and are free from errors of method. They are divided into the

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stellt sich immer nachmittags ein bisweilen auch in der Nacht. Sie

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in pneumonia by the application of ice. In an epidemic of pneumonia

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blow with a similar instrument is required to produce the same effect in

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des ligaments ce qui prive I articulation de sa stabilite et permet

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I SHALL now present an analysis of the case which I have here

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tation of the pupil. Hence in a cortical epileptic fit the sudden

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he does not mention whether at the same time his patients were

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is frequently stated he concludes that after the removal of the appendages

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employed therein. Many of the men thus affected become permanently

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in that structure prominence of the veins retraction of the nipple and

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