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and the necrotic tissue finally disappears leaving a spreading
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has occupied the researches of many but with moderate success. In the issue
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flexion after opening the abdomen and rectifying the flexion to support
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colouring to description not having been in the habit of com
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tions of the usual clinical phenomena of the disease. In the writer s
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ulceration may be expected every moment. Only in the characteristically
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the apparently perfect healing of a tubercular process lasting thus for ten
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differences in crystalline form and direction are interesting to note in
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treatment through the vagina fails to relieve and there is a reasonable
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wiped away the clots and examined carefully for any bleeding vessel.
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tubercle bacilli thus rendering a doubtful diagnosis certain. While the
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It should of course be added that the X ray examination will
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given facts is possible. It might be imagined that plasma contained
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enlarged. Blood was fluid and dark colored nothing abnormal on
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semeiology and diagnostics to be found in bulkier volumes and be
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they are very liable to lose their power of standing and walking
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reason to believe that the conclusions to be drawn from the extent

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