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left lobe of the thyroid gland 70 g. Histological picture A Base

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of the changes which have taken place would of course be of

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of Climate in the cure of Diseases translated by Barton.

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iiber Lumbago auch noch andere wichtige Umstdnde zu sprechen

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were very tender on pressure but the arms were less affected in

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an average of three a day the reduction being most striking with

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tion demands it and the fear of secondary general tubercular affection

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processes. But the other pancreatic changes mentioned above

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individuals who proclaimed themselves to be and from an outward

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gagni mentions one case where the ovarium burst and threw

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fortnight. He should still be given emetine after his apparent

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keit erreicht. In meinem Fall lag der Tumor jedenfalls so dass

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without privies and 20 Iniving sewers or located over the river.

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The contrast between the chronic gt rheumatic diseases of the

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reason to believe that the presystolic is not developed in the same manner.

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Since my first paper relating to tlie varying sinking velocity

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