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possessed by his treatment or they are unimportant. He believes that no

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had the ill fortune to encounter. As regards the etiology of this

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Liver abscess was strongly suspected and during the following two or

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Klotz Ibid. reported before the Dresden Gynecological Society in

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sie eine Bedeutung besitze. Lasionen derselben bewirken

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have developed as a result of very powerful suggestion in an

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rational again and that for a while he suffered from slight vertical

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to have had little or no experience with plastic work on the urethral

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not the muscles should be tested from time to time by faradism

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The mental condition is excellent the memory entirely unimpaired.

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It is difficult to estimate the heart tone because of the presence of

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very quickly at every degree of rising temperature. The genu

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form of great severity From all he saw Dr. Dewar is of

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