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extensive than that of Banks and of which nearly one third were not
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which may be several inches in diameter separate and are passed
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a confession should only be accepted if it is not forced from
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pilomotor reflex though this is not often well marked and is
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urticaria a skin disease of unquestioned neurotic origin is shown by the
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First I have tried to give a representation of the importance
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Platelets 21 000 per cmm. Coagulation time 9 minutes. Fibrin
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reference to the pain and temperature sense. There is a very interesting
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festation of disordered nervous supply which may be either general or
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they produce on injection into a Guinea pig multiple capillary
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Fractura malleoli lateralis et medialis dex. 1. 12
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Experiment XXVI. Mixture made of 7 grrm. Mellin s food and 150

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