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Hair transplant history

First hair transplant was performed a japanese dermatologist Dr. Okuda in 1940. Unfortunately, Dr.Okuda died in second world war and the scientific publications could be discovered after so many years.

In 1970, an american dermatologist Dr. Orentreich published the rules of hair transplant and in 1998 an american dermatologist Dr.Berstein published his scientific article about the fact that it is possible to have natural looking head of hairs with transplant of follicular units.

Since 2002, FUE method in which hairs are taken one by one has been depicted and in 2005, appropriate candidates for this method were explained.

In this website  it is tried to be setup including hair loss and medical treatments for hair loss which is completely founded on scientific articles. As you know, Hygiology refreshes itself in time.   When you finish looking over this website, you have a knowledge about the causes of hair loss in men and women, and their classifications, and appropriate treatments for their problems, and also the right way can only be determined by specialist.
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