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Hair transplantation with FUE method


What Is FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, a linear incision is made hair metal planting islands (follicular unit; FU) is the process of taking one by one. 1mm through the hairy skin and the smaller islands of hair tools (follicular units, FU) with incision taken round. For the first time defined by dr.wood any detail not specified. Then in 2002 the first scientific publication on this technique have made by dr.rasman and dr.bernstein. In this study, when there is need for suitable candidates to find the FOX test, dr.harisin described in 2005 with a 3-digit FUE technique is no longer needed it. Actually FUE hair transplant operation creates a piece of FUT. FUE hair islands (follicular units, FU) removing the strip is to obtain directly. In operation, the remaining portion of the FUT islands of hair (follicular units, FU) creates a transplant. The strip operation can only be done by separating the islands of hair under a microscope. The hair planting is the same as in both methods.

FUE which does not leave a trace of linear models in a very short hair, is a suitable method for those who prefer.

Despite all the techniques developed for the FUE procedure before subjecting candidates have all the appropriate tests should be evaluated in terms of rate of graft damage. Scientific studies have shown that even in the most suitable candidates from the root of 3% to 15% are unlikely to thrown away.

3 Step FUE

FUE hair transplantation, dr. hairs developed most important thing which is with a special punch which takes the hair with the islands. In 2005, the American Association of Hair Surgery (ISHRS), Congress defined. In 2006 our clinic doctors found the means to monitoring dr. haris technique.

The most important advantage of this method is the islands of hair (follicular units, FU) is to minimize the risk of getting harm.

Current FUE

Since the inception of the first serious progress in numbers of the FUE method is now seriously at high speeds, have enabled them to reach the number of graft. Around 3000 grafts in experienced hands in as little as 3 hours (FUS), which is suitable for candidates who have been able to achieve the donor area.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FUE hair transplantation

Compared with the FUT, hair follicles, and spill-resistant permanent hair that hair the same number of fewer graft can be taken of that region.

Safe area under the remaining two ears of each line of the FUT method, all of the hair transplant can be bought. After removal of the strip, it will sewn to the edges of the skin.

Benefits of FUE hair transplantation

* Leaves no trace in the form of a line

* This is far more important for those who get their hair cut very short.

* The region taken hair gets shorter recovery time taken.

* Useful for patients at risk of keloids.

* Immediately after the procedure, those who have to make heavy sports and an alternative method for those with very tense neck skin.

* Other body regions can be used as a donor (beard, chest, leg)

* The donor region in people with frequent and open space under an alternative method of FUT.

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