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21 Do hair transplants really work?
22 How much does hair transplantation cost?
23 Is it possible,for anyone to be turned down from getting a transplant cause their scalp's too tight?
24 Can diabetic patients have hair transplant?
25 Are hair transplants painful?
26 Do medications which are intended to control or defeat hair loss really work?
27 What is hair loss caused by?
28 Is it possible to prevent hair loss?
29 Should I wait for hair transplant until my hair loss slow down?
30 Can you tell me how long the surgery is and what the post treatment period is?
31 I'm wondering if hair restoration could be used like a spot treatment to fill in the small scars.
32 Is there any negative impact that can happen from flying after the surgery?
33 After the procedure, do you have scars directly where the new grafts have been put in?
34 Before surgery, do I have to cut the hair on the top of my head short or shave?
35 My once concern is whether or not a new procedure would require me to have my hair cut.
36 How much do I have to wait for a second session?
37 Will an eyebrow restoration procedure work for someone with absolutely no hair on their eyebrows?
38 I I take 5mg of Enalapril once a day,Are there any concerns about me having hair transplants?
39 Is it possible to transplant hair to the chest?
40 I'm wondering what happens to the donor area and if there's a bald patch there and for how long.
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