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Eyebrow is one of the determinants of the face frame is located in the face of the hallmarks of aesthetic. Can be structural, such as thinning eyebrows in various skin diseases, accidents may occur as a result of conditions such as burns. The most common skin diseases, systemic diseases, infections, may occur as a result of repetitive trauma.

The Applying Of Eyebrow Transplant
Just as in the roots of the scalp after hair transplantation can be taken in two different ways (FUE and FUT). Method is determined by the structure of the patient's hair. FU s expertly prepared from the roots after being placed in the appropriate angle and direction. Makes the results more natural than the opening of the channels choi items.

Without causing any complications in experienced hands, the natural process leads to the formation of the results.
The most important issue in hair extension is, the planted root to grow such as like hair. For this reason, a few times a month ends you need to abbreviate.

How much does it cost for the eyebrow price?

Clinics vary between the eyebrows with an average price of planting varies between $ 1000-$ 1200.

Is there any risk of the transaction?

Prepared for planting in the right eyebrow and hair roots taken from the natural non transporting may face consequences.



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