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point where the toes were in contact with the ground. When

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that the number of bacteria found then does not correspond to that

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ders to be a very good adjuvans in cures of simple itch but

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I now pass to those experiments in which the blood in its

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investigation and the history must be analyzed with care in order to

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useful also in controlling spasms following traumatic oedema of the

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tion are found by Wideroe to be valuable for the diagnosis

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feebly to light. There was diminished sensibility in both feet and also in

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heart disease who escape the vigilance of the recruiting medical

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the surgical wards but after a month of fruitless treatment was trans

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cles it is moreover necessary to carry out the experiments in

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accompanied by emphysema of the skin. Pari passu with the extension

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Mucor mucedo Oidium albicans. and Corynebacterium diphthe

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which there was an irregular cavity containing caseous material. Other

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