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of resistance rather than on any primary change in the energy producing
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nervous tension. Danger is ever present and during periods of
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ing out of the impulse. These will be recognized as characteristics of
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complications fever is either completely absent or low and inter
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in amount of the easily precipitated protein fractions the serum
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erythema multiforme than to any other efflorescence and as I have
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It took a long time before the discovery of the circulation
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tion and the movement is greater when the cortex is excited than when
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eighth week. Slow convalescence. Immobility of right side of larynx
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gave a hot intrauterine douche of six pints of a solution of bichloride
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of a detached study although to a great extent they only
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been subjected to any particular investigation but consists of
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interesting might have been presented to the profession on this

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