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In nothing perhaps has M. Bardoux shown more discretion and

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cause the severe cases to keep aglycosuric on a diet which might

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bearing no resemblance to Ritter s and which separates it without ques

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for these patients whose suffering is too often truly excruciating.

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sidered in the first chapter and the conclusions are stated in a concise

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hy Peretti Ewald and others. As in Peretti s cases the choreic movements

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likewise according to Nasse and Andral which circum

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tiques. Les alterations arthritiques etaient ici tout a fait syme

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main increase in dulness is then in the upward direction but the

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no possibility of mistake about it. Even the commonly accepted

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and ankle clonus is easily obtained. The sensation in the right leg

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Cut across ir presents little black points moi c or less filled with

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