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excreted and the small percentage of urea which it contained.

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ment with the already mentioned view see p. 0 the figures in

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spread symmetrically to the biceps brachialis anticus supinator longus and

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pulse was 75 and the respirations were 20 per minute.

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The cause of yellow fever is urely miasmatic atul ihe air is its

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differential diagnosis between pemphigus and dermatitis exfoliativa since

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failed to agglutinate in dilutions of 1 in 50. In addition to the

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observed albuminuria but Herringham found a trace of albumin

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often presages death. It occurs most often in cases of black vomit

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hours then elapse before protection is secured and when the

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tendants who advised that agent. My experience of the effects of

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the convulsions are to be followed by post epileptic hallucinations or

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in store great masses of food substances easy to decay that the

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the left one being slightly brisker than the right. Well marked

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noticed that the conjunctivae of both eyes Avere injected and that there

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forty eight hours after. In these cases the cephalalgia is not very

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Um zu sehen wie sich Tag und Nachtdruck zu einander

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diflficulty was experienced in extracting a well formed child which lived.

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of life in the trenches which hitherto produced no ill effects are

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pedicle of the tumor further enabled us to locate a right lateral insertion

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