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den wird der Blutdruckfall in Wirklichkeit in der Regel gros

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may have played in determining the time of appearance of the

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heart is to encourage the patient and to convince him that his

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joined the Army may suffer from recurrences whenever he is over

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are formed and the partis gradually destroyed by the caustic alkali.

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nachgewiesen. Trotz der Besserung des Lungenzustandes hob sich

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inoculated and 119 died. The mortality was probably rather

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to the greatest anxiety in the early stages remarkable improve

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neuritis from toxic or infectious cause or from injury sometimes pro

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the Animal Vei etable and Mineral Kingdoms arc procured

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conditions have in all probability existed in several of the above

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result of being thrown on to the ground or against a wall or

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beinahe immer die Veranderungen auf derselben Seite wie die

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taken the cinchonidia was discontinued. Wine of ipecac was given

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gression from that of the ancients but which did not give the

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operated upon during adolescence because they are exceptionally dangerous

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except in 3 cases and in these the temperature Avas 106 or over.

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The author describes in detail the results of thirteen autopsies in which

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