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The diagnosis of "female pattern" hair loss is relatively straightforward when there is a history of gradually thinning in the front and/or top of the scalp, relative preservation of the f

Women's hair loss can be classified into diffuse hair loss, localized hair loss, or patterned hair loss. It can also be divided into scarring and non-scarring types. Since the diffuse, non-scarrin

Diffuse Hair Loss The most common type of hair loss in women occurs in a diffuse pattern. Diffuse hair loss is most often hereditary, but it can also be caused by underlying medical conditions, medi

Hair loss is relatively common in women with about 30% experiencing at least some degree of thinning in their lifetime. Because female hair loss tends to be diffuse (less hair all over), rather than

65. Hair loss in women
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Overview Cause Classification Diagnosis

The diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia in men is generally straightforward. It is made by observing a "patterned" distribution of hair loss (see the previous session on  classification)

Norwood Classification The Norwood classification, published in 1975 by Dr. O'tar Norwood, is the most widely used classification for hair loss in men. It defines two major patterns and severa

By far the most common cause of hair loss in men is androgenetic alopecia, also referred to as "male pattern" or "common" baldness. It is caused by the effects of the male hormone

69. The hair loss in men
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Cause Cassification Diagnosis

The normal human scalp contains between 100,000 to 150,000 follicles that produce thick terminal hair. These hairs do not emerge individually from the scalp, but are arranged in follicular units, smal

71. Overview on hair loss
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Hair anatomy Hair growth and the hair cycle Function of hair Myths Common baldness, male-pattern hair loss, genetic hair loss and androgenetic alopecia are terms that are used to describe the same

saç ekimi öncesi sonrası resimleri ülkemizdeki sağlık yasası gereği yayınlanması yasaklanmıştır. Hasta resimleri yayınlayan saç ekim merkezleri hakkında cezai işlem yapılma

Fut Yöntemiyle Saç Ekimi Saç ekimi yaptırmak isteyen bireyler internet aracılığıyla Türkiye nin neresinde olursa olsunlar İstanbul, İzmir, Konya, Adana Bursa , Diyarbakır, Va

74. Saç Mezoterapisi
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...aç dökülmesinin tedavisinde kullanılan roagine (minoksidil), finasteride ve saç ekimi gibi yöntemler üzerinde her tür bilimsel çalışma yapılmış olup etkis...

75. Madrid Saç Ekimi Kongresi
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76. Yasal uyarı
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...ir. Sitede, ziyaretçilerini aydınlatma amacıyla "saç dökülmesi, saç ekimi ve yöntemleri, dermatolojik uygulamalar"la ilgi bilgiler yer almaktadır. Bu site...

77. Fue or Fut ?
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The Pros and Cons for FUE / Strip Harvesting You have to know this list if you're interested in having a hair transplant, particularly when comparing the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) tech

78. Hakkımızda
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  Saç cerrahisi, lazer epilasyon & plastik ve estetik cerrahide, cilt sorunlarının giderilmesinde uzmanlık gerektiren tamamlayıcı plastik, estetik ve dermatolojik teknolojileri

79. Medya
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80. Dr. Ekrem Civas
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...doğu-Afrika Klinik Forumu ve Kullanıcılar Toplantısı 23-24 Şubat Barcelona-İSPANYA 2008 Saç Ekiminde Puzzle Teknik, INSTITUTO VILLODRES DE DERMATOLOGIA 22 Şubat Barcelona / İSPANYA 2007 ...

81. Hair transplant history
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History of Hair Translation First hair transplant was performed a japanese dermatologist Dr. Okuda in 1940. Unfortunately, Dr.Okuda died in second world war and the scientific publications could be

82. Hair transplant repair
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Hair Transplants and Hair Transplant Repair Hair transplant surgery was introduced in the United States by Dr. Norman Orentreich in 1959. He showed that hair taken from the permanent zone in the b

Hair Transplantation with FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method What is Follicular Unit Extraction?  Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a method of obtaining donor hair for Follicular Unit T

Follicular Unit Hair Transplants What is Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation?  Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a hair restoration procedure where hair is transplanted exclusively in

One to Two Weeks Prior to Your Procedure Do not take Aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medications for two weeks prior to your hair transplant as these may increase bleeding. Also avoid taki

The hair restoration techniques of Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction are performed at Bernstein Medical in our office facilities under local anesthesia. Hair transplant

What is Cloning Cloning is the production of genetically identical organisms. The first clone of an adult animal was Dolly, the famous Edinburgh sheep. Although technically not an exact replica of h

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is based on the scientific principle of photo-biotherapy. Photo-biotherapy occurs when laser light is absorbed by cells and stimulates cell metabolism and protein synthe

Medications Medications serve an important role in both the prevention and treatment of hair loss particularly in the early stages of the balding process. The FDA approved medication Propecia finaster

90. methods
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Hair transplantation with FUT method Hair transplantation with FUE Method

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